The roof restoration experts on the Tweed & Gold Coasts

If your roof is starting to look worse for wear, talk to the Kal’s Roof Tiling team about our dependable roof restoration services.

With more than 15 years’ industry experience, we’ve got restoring and repairing roofs down to a fine art. Before painting and applying protective coatings, we will do an inspection and repair and replace any broken or missing tiles. We will also do a complete clean, removing any moss or lichen build-up that may be present.

Once your tiles have been replaced, and any re-pointing or re-bedding necessary has been done, we’ll apply a sealer coat to improve the adhesion of the finishing coats.

To finish off, our tilers will apply two coats of thick, protective membrane to ensure added protection from the Tweed Coast weather for many years to come.

When your roof is beginning to show its age, contact Kal’s Roof Tiling and find out how our experienced tilers can bring it to life again.