Features & Benefits of Tiles

Design Flexibility

If you're building a brand new house or renovating an old one, Kal's Roof Tiling can quote directly from your plans. Simply email your plans to Kal and he'll reply with a quote. He can advise you of the best brands, products and techniques to achieve the finish and style you're after.

Kal guarantees you piece of mind and assures you that your new roof is leak proof and you will be 100% satisfied with the roof tiling quality.

Design Flexibility

The wide colour choice and unique designs offered by traditional or contemporary tile profiles complement a wide range of architectural styles and allow greater design flexibility than most other roofing materials.

Colour Retention

Kiln-fired terracotta roof tiles display exceptional high colour retention, character and strength with negligible maintenance requirements.

Long Lasting

Most Australian-made tiles come with a 50-year performance guarantee. Experience indicates that the performance of tiles will continue for periods in excess of this.

Thermal Performance

Compared to most other roofing materials, roof tiles have a high mass. This mass can help you enjoy more comfortable living in summer and winter, evening out temperature fluctuations by storing heat energy during the day, then releasing it at night.

Fire Resistance

Concrete and terracotta are non-combustible materials and provide superior protection against radiant heat from bushfires and are proven performers in the face of fire.

Acoustic Performance

The density of tiles helps reduce external noise pollution, acting as a natural sound barrier to noise, such as aircraft and road noise and particularly rain and hail.

Salt Safe

All tiles are salt safe making them suitable for any location including severe marine environments.


Roof tiles are surprisingly affordable. A tiled roof contributes only about 5% of the cost of a new home, a little less than this for concrete, a little more for terracotta.

Wind Resistance

Modern tiles and their fixing methods provide excellent resistance to even the most severe weather conditions.

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